Author: Carmelinda Chevelle

Getting to Know the Benefits of Outdoor Recreation

People of different ages enjoy outdoor recreation. For some reasons like enjoying your natural surroundings people tend to find more chances to perform physical exercises. It is an effective way to promote and maintain good physical and mental health for you and for your family.  The following are the different benefits of outdoor recreation. Better Body  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of intense activity per week for adults. The following sports are good motivation to do outdoor exercises: canoeing hiking, racket ball sports swimming...

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Top Business-Related Travel Tips You Have to Check Out

For those who are in the business world, business travel can be challenging a lot of times. This typically involves sleeping on planes, packing regularly for your trips and staying glued to your mobile device. To help you with this, here are some business-related travel tips for you to check out: Bring only a carry-on According to Barbara DesChamps, author of ‘It’s In The Bag: The Complete Guide to Lightweight Travel,’ travel becomes stressful if you are worried about lost luggage or being late to a meeting. With this, she suggests that you bring only a carry-on. Without a...

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Buyers must prepare for a competitive market

The demand during this year’s spring housing market is higher than last year, across the country. Not only is there an increase of buyers but buyers who were outbid the previous year are more determined this year to find a home that will be suitable for them this spring; which makes the market more competitive. Although there are a good number of homes on the market each week for the next three to four months, the number of potential buyers still outnumbers the available home in the market. This year is the busiest season for the real estate industry for home buying but the lowest in three years for the amount of inventory. For a buyer to be ahead of the others, a pre-approved mortgage would be essential along with the ability to act quickly once a suitable home is found. The increase in demand in the market is causing homes to sell faster despite the growth of listings this year. There was 3 percent more home for sale this month compared to February. Although the extra inventory serves as a welcome sign for the buyer, inventories are still at a 2 percent low compared to that of what the previous year has registered. This proves that the inventory crunch still plagues a lot of housing markets. The limited number of inventories resulted to homes being sold faster in...

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Small School Adopts Four-Day School Week in Texas

To improve the students’ performance in class, the Olfen Independent School District will implement the four-day school week by fall. The transition is the first of its kind in the state. Currently, the school has a population of 56 students from kindergarten through eighth grade. The school’s decision was in response to the new law passed by the Legislature to allow districts more flexibility in setting their school calendars. In order for the school to meet the required minutes, they will extend each school day by 25 minutes. Olfen Independent School District is one of the smallest school districts in Texas, which makes the schedule advantageous for them. As cited by the spokeswoman for Texas Education Agency, other districts who tried the same set-up but failed, mainly because of their large population. Given the small number of students in Olfen, the possibility for it to succeed is high. According to Olfen’s Superintendent, the four-day school week will benefit both the students and their parents. The new schedule will have four mandatory instructional days and an optional day on Friday. Fridays will be mandatory for students who do not receive a passing mark. For those with passing marks, they have the option to stay at home. The schedule will be a great way to help students who are in need of tutoring. Teachers can focus on them and they will...

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How reliable is your car?

Are you planning to buy a car? Consider factors like fuel economy, price and reliability in making the final choice.  These factors are important to help you have your money’s worth. Price is easy to compare, and while fuel economy varies from one driver to another, official figures on mileage can give an accurate estimate to use when comparing models. However, reliability is more difficult to compare. But data from organizations worldwide which test thousands of cars can guide you in your choice of car. US Consumer Reports in 2015 predicted the reliability of various 2016 cars and trucks from different brands worldwide. As usual, brands from Japan like Toyota and Lexus aced the survey while European and American automobile brands did not score well at all. Although the list may vary each year, the Jeep Cherokee seems to appear on the list every year. Despite its terrific appearance, Jeep Grand Cherokee’s diesel version dismayed consumers due to problems in the car’s fuel and navigation system. Even luxury brands are not immune to the list of unreliable cars. Mercedes S-Class and GL-Class both made it on the list. The previous car’s trouble is with its windows and power steering while the latter one received complaints regarding the malfunction of its collision warning sensors and blind-spot sensors. It also has power steering failures where premature break wear and transmission problems....

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